Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Chicks Preschool Theme

We are gearing up for Easter.  Today we talked about baby chicks.
 We read "Chicks Run Wild" .  We also watched a video of a chick hatching from it's egg and some fluffy chicks walking around.
My son pretending to be a chick hatching from it's egg and then continued to pretend to be a chick while we did some other activities. I made this chick lacing card a while ago using cardstock, fun paper, brads, a hole punch, yarn and tape.
These activities came from A to Z.
This Easter Tot Kit has some chick printables like the one below.
This Easter Pre-K pack also has some chick activities like the one below.
 I also assisted my son in making his own chick lacing card.  I found the idea here.

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