Thursday, February 27, 2014

Star Wars Preschool Theme

Sometimes you need a theme just because it is fun.  That was today with our Star Wars Preschool Theme!
I am not sure why all of my boys love Star Wars, but they do.  Only recently have we watched Episode Four and Five as a family.  My preschooler wasn't really interested in it much, but he loves Star Wars related toys and books and enjoyed doing a theme on Star Wars.  Some of his favorite books are Star Wars ABC and Star Wars 123
Apparently I am not the only one with the idea of doing this theme with preschoolers.  Homeschool Creation's has a really fun Star Wars Preschool Printable Pack.
3 Dinosaurs also has a Star Wars Preschool Pack and  Preschool Printables has an ABC tracing sheet.
 We love stick puppets at our house.  These are part of Homeschool Creation's pack that I linked above!

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