Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Go, Dog. Go! Preschool Theme

Today we read an old favorite Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman. My son really enjoys this book because he recognizes a lot of the words in it and it is fun too!
We used some printables from Homeschool Creation's Dog Preschool Pack to go with our theme.
I made some signs to play with and we took them outside and took turns holding up the signs.  When the sign said "Go" the other person would run.  If it said "Stop" we stopped.  If it was the yellow sign that said "Slow Down" we would walk. 
 Here is my son holding the signs for me.  I snapped a picture as I was running.
After playing outside for a while we came in and made some things to go a long with the book.  First we made a stoplight.  I cut out red, yellow, and green circles and gave him a black piece of paper.  Then he glued the circles into place.  He wanted to write go, slow, and stop on them so he did.  Then he cut out a few pieces of paper for each color and glued them onto the corresponding circles. I don't know if you can see all that in the picture.  He is also telling me to stop in the picture.
One thing that the book talks about is the sun being up and a dog being out in the sun so we made a little fan that you could use when you are hot.
Another thing that the book goes back to frequently are two dogs and the one asking the other if he likes her hat.  At the end of the book their is a dog party and they are wearing party hats.  We made some party hats out of newspapers.  We did two sizes and he colored on them.  You can find directions and more ideas to go with the book here.
 These are his party faces.
Also check out this website for more ideas.

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