Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Polar Bears Preschool Theme

 Today we talked about polar bears.  Since we talked about the letter p last time and I plan on talking about the letter b next time with bears I thought polar bears was a nice way to link them together.
We learned about polar bears by reading "National Geographic Kids Polar Bears". We also visited National Geographic Kids website to see some facts and watch some videos on polar bears.
We did this little activity.  There are more you can find at  You can also find this cute movement activity to do with your preschool here.
This Polar Lands printable preschool pack has some cute polar bear activities included in it.
I came across this free printable of a long list of sight words with cute polar bears pictured with the words.  I know my son doesn't know too many words, but I printed them off anyway and we had fun seeing what he knew.  He actually read 26 of them much to my surprise and he had fun doing it.
This is a cute idea using facts about polar bears and what a polar bear's foot print might look like.  I asked my son to remember some things that he learned about polar bears and we wrote them down.  The first thing he remembered is that they are good swimmers.  The second thing he remembered is that they like to play.
Since we don't own the cute book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear.  What do you see?"  I found a video of it for us to watch.

We also visited and read "The Three Snow Bears" by Jan Brett.

Then we made a little polar bear using my son's hand print, white paint, and blue construction paper.


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