Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter G/Gumball Preschool Theme

My son has been really into doing the letters of the alphabet which is why that is what we have been doing a lot of lately.
Today we talked about the Letter G and gumballs!  It was kind of a light day as far as activities go, but still fun.  We did of course, visit Starfall's site to do the Letter G.
We also did Confession's of a Homeschoolers printables for the letter G.
My son loves to paint the letters so he chose green as his main color today since it starts with G.
Then I found a gumball template and had him glue pom poms to it so they looked liked gumballs in a machine.
He had a lot of fun doing that.  Then we counted how many there were and how many of each color.  I found the template at Making Learning Fun which also has a lot of other gumball related activities.


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