Monday, July 15, 2013

Trio Blocks

Over the passed several years now we have collected several Trio Block sets and my kids love them.  I don't get them out every day though because they tend to over take my house when I do.  :)  My oldest was begging to be able to bring them out and play with them today.  Little did he know I had plans to bring them out anyway. My youngest had fun building a tower.  The other two attempting to build things on their own.  My five year old needed lots of assistance, but my seven year old can do a good majority of the sets without help or very little help.
 This is the set my five year old wanted to build.  He and his little brother had a blast playing with the dragons together.
 My oldest built this pteranadon by himself and had a good time flying it around.
He also built this little police station on his own.

We will soon be very busy around here, but I hope to be able to continue to post the fun Summer activities we are doing.

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