Monday, July 1, 2013

Books, Helicopters, Field Trips, Angry Birds, and Celebration Lanterns!

Last Monday my two older boys made up their own stories and drew pictures for each page.

 On Tuesday we made Mini 'Copters out of an egg carton.  I found the idea here.  My boys have had a great time playing with those.
 On Wednesday we ventured out to an Aerospace Museum not too far from us that is FREE!  Yay.  I love when we can get out and all enjoy ourselves at no cost.  They loved looking at all the different airplanes.
 On Thursday we made these Angry Bird Crafts.  They were too hard for my boys to put together by themselves, but they enjoyed coloring them and playing with them.  You can find those here.
 Today we made paper lanterns which I called Celebration Lanterns since we used blue and red crayons to draw on white paper to celebrate Independence Day coming up in a couple of days.

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Holly said...

Love the new look of the blog and your profile picture! I haven't been to the aerospace museum yet. I should probably go. Sean and Elliot would love it.