Monday, June 17, 2013

Straw Flutes, Jumping Games, and other Summer Fun

Today we made these Magic (drinking straw) Flutes.  I found the idea and instructions here
 And here are my little men with their flutes.  They pretended they were Link from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker game because he has a flute in the game that looks similar to this.
 We did some other activities last week as well.  One day we made a Father's Day craft for the boy's grandfathers.  Another day we played board games.  On Thursday we did this simple jumping game that kept them entertained for an hour or so.  I love when something so ridiculously simple as putting tape on the floor keeps them happy for a while.  On Friday we made decorations for their father's birthday which was on Saturday.
They also wrote in their journals every week day last week.  Well, my youngest tells me what to write and then they all draw a picture to go with what they wrote about.  The older two also read to me every day and I have chores for them to do each day.

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