Friday, December 7, 2012


My son wasn't feeling very well today, but we were still able to do some preschool activities.  Today's theme was reindeer.  Check out some reindeer in action at Reindeer Cam.

We did a lot of activities from 3 Dinosaurs Reindeer Pack.  Including a cute little book about reindeer.

This cute coloring page came from this coloring page pack.

This is also a fun reindeer unit that we have activities from.

Here is this cute dot-to-dot reindeer
We sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Then we made these fun little paper plate reindeer's with my other two sons. We traced each of their hands on brown paper.  Then we cut the center out of a plate and they colored the edge of it brown.  Then we taped the hands onto the top of the plate for the antlers.  Then we found pom-poms and taped them to their noses and they became reindeer.  

You can check out our reindeer activities from 2011 here, 2010 here, and 2008 here.

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artsy_momma said...

Cute! Love the noses :)