Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Book of Mormon Christmas

I have been sick so we have not done much of anything with regards to preschool.  We finally did a little bit today.  I wanted to talk to my son about what happens in the Book of Mormon around the time that Christ was born.  We read this cute board book called Beyond Bethlehem:  A Book of Mormon Christmas.  My kids enjoy the illustrations in the book which keeps them interested in the story.  It mostly covers what happened with Samuel the Lamanite and his prophecy of Christ's birth.

I brought out a globe and showed my son where Bethlehem is and where the Americas are so he could see how far apart they are.

We also did this fun little craft.
We also decided to act out the story.  I was nominated to be Samuel so I climbed on the piano bench while my kids threw marshmallows at me (instead of stones and arrows).  

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