Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ocean- Whales

Today we talked about whales.  I told my son the Biblical story of Jonah and the Whale and let him watch Jonah:  A Veggie Tale Movie.  He did this fun little maze to help Jonah get from the whale to Ninevah.  
 I used First Grade Fanatics printables about whales to help teach my son about some of the different kinds of whales there are.  We also watched some video clips on whales from youtube and Planet Earth.

My son came up with a whale craft all on his own so we had to do it.  He made a fist and then we traced from his hand up his arm to his elbow, then he took two fingers and we traced them on the other end to form a tail.  I cut it out for him and he drew a face.  He wanted it to be green.
 Here is my younger son's whale.  They've had fun playing with their whales and octopus that we made yesterday.
We are doing Ocean based themes all week.  Check out our Shark day here.

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