Saturday, June 30, 2012

Write a Book- Pigeon Style

One of the activities I had planned to do this Summer was to help the boys write their own books.  They have been obsessing over the Mo Willems "Don't Let the Pigeon"  books lately.  He several.  They love "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late" among several others.  They asked me if we could do Pigeon activities so and wanted to write a book all on their own so that is what we did yesterday.
 My six year old wrote a books titled, "Don't Let the Pigeon Eat the Spider"  He came up with the idea, drew all the pictures, and sounded out all the things he wanted to say all by himself.  I was proud of him.  Here is his book.
Don't Let the Pigeon Eat the Spider

"Hey, I am the Bus Driver"

"Listen I need a spider."


"Hey, can I eat a spider?"  " No."

"Please?!"  " No."

He said you can fill in whatever you want to say on this page.

(The Pigeon is going crazy now).  "Let Me eat a Spider!"

"Ought Oh."  (he sees the bus driver)

"Hey, I'm back.  Did you let the pigeon it a spider?"

Now the pigeon is day dreaming about eating a ladybug.

My four year old did his title page and came up with the idea all by himself.  The rest of the pages he asked me to write for him and I so I did.  His book is called, "Don't Let the Pigeon Play Skylanders" (which is a video game that he loves)

Don't Let the Pigeon Play Skylanders

"Kids, it's your job not to let the pigeon play Skylanders."
"Please may I play Skylanders?"  "No."

"I'll tell you what, I'll just play it quietly."  "No."
 As you can see, he didn't really come up with an ending, but we spent an hour doing this so I didn't push him to come up with a better ending.

Mo Willems is my children's new favorite author and I think any book he has written is worth checking out.  My kids went right for the section in the library that his books are kept when we went this morning.  Anything that gets them excited about books and reading, right?

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