Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr. Seuss: The Foot Book

Dr. Seuss has a birthday coming up (March 2nd).  I always like to celebrate with my kids by doing activities that correspond with some of his books.  That is the plan for the next couple of weeks.
Today we read and talked about "The Foot Book"
 Living Life Intentionally has a monster of a pack full of different activities.  We found this fun one to go with The Foot Book.  We counted with my son's feet how long different things were and colored in the correct amount of feet on the paper.  He loved it and wanted to measure more things with his feet.
 We did this fun foot print with finger paint.  He loved it and we did it again with a red foot print.
 We also measured his foot and my foot.  This book is full of opposites so we went through and talked about all the opposites that we found in the book.  After we had done all of the activities my son and I sat down and he read the book pretty much by himself.  Yay!

Check out this blog for more ideas for this book.

Since it was our first Dr. Seuss day we also did a really fun "All About Me" Dr. Seuss packet.  It is awesome.  Check it out.  On this page my son wrote his name, age, weight, height, and drew a picture of himself.
It was a really fun day and I am looking forward to more Dr. Seuss books activities in the next couple of weeks.  He has so many great ones it has been hard to narrow down what we are focusing on.

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