Monday, June 13, 2011

We are still here

I have been horrible about posting, but we are still here.  My summer plans are not real firm right now, but I have an idea of where I am heading right now. 
Once a week I want to focus on talking about Scripture Stories and helping my children really learn about the people in the scriptures.  We are starting with the Book of Mormon
Today we talked about Lehi warning people that Jerusalem was going to be destroyed and he and his family leaving Jerusalem and traveling to the wilderness.

I told them a brief version of the story (Check out or for ideas)

I drew some faces of Lehi's family so that they could get more familiar with them.  (I can't draw...)

Then we made a list of things that Lehi's family might have taken into the wilderness with them and things they would have left behind. (My 3 year old drew the wilderness in the pink color)
 Then we packed some things to take in our backpacks so we could travel into the "wilderness" ourselves.  My 3 year old wanted to be Lehi and have me be his wife, Sariah.  My 5 year old decided to be Nephi.
 We took a little walk down the street then we came back home and we set up their little play tent.  Then we went inside and said a little prayer thanking Heavenly Father for our blessings just like Lehi prayed after he'd reached the wilderness.
 Then we pretended to go hunting for some food.  Here is my 5 year old pretending to use a bow and arrow.  We also pretended to build a fire.  We are not campers at our house at all so my boys have no real experience sleeping in tents.  Hopefully something from the story of Lehi and his family Jerusalem will stick in their little heads. :)
My rough plan right now is to spend a day or two during the week with Scripture Stories, a day working on different skills to prepare for kindergarten, a day where we work on a craft or create something, and a fun day where we do activites based on movies, video games, or tv shows they like. 

Hopefully it'll be a fun summer!  We've already pulled our kiddie pool out and let the boys get wet.

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