Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Mitten by Jan Brett

Gathering Time:
Pull out a bag full of clothing- some items will be things you were in the winter and others not.  Each item is pulled out one at a time and decide if we should wear it in the winter or not.  Have the children put on the items to be worn in the winter time.
Read “The Mitten” by Jan Brett (Use the animals and mitten)
Focus Activities:
 Mitten Lacing Card
Decorate a paper mitten
You can view our mitten activities from last year here.

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Jackie H. said...

I love the mitten lacing card. Isn't Jan Brett's website great? It's so nice that she provides all those great printables! Thanks for sharing, I think we're going to do these activities this week.

Jodie said...

Great ideas, love the lacing idea!