Friday, September 3, 2010


Gathering Time
Make pizza using circles (flannel)
Do "Ring Around the Rosie"
Make a circle with your arm straight out
Sing first verse of "Wheels on the Bus"
Sorting with circles (the circles have different pictures on them that the boys had to sort through and match)

 Focus Activities

Circle outline


Hunt for circles around the house

Circle Matching Game (this is a matching game I made using my Cricut Machine-easy to make even without a Cricut and my boys love matching games)

Make Froot Loop Necklace

Paint using bubble wrap



Holly said...

One of us needs to move so we can live closer so I can send Jillian to your house for preschool. I'll take Porter for a couple hours and you can teach Jillian. Sound good? Ok, who's moving? :)

The Activity Mom said...

What a fun week! We have yet to try the bubble wrap painting but it looks so fun!