Sunday, December 6, 2009

Preschool Activities Dec. 7-11

Language Arts- Tell story of the birth of Christ using Fisher- Price Little People Set.
Math- Jesus Counting Cards
Science/Cooking- Make Baby Jesus haystacks
Music- Nativity Song (LDS Children's Song Book)
Art- Stand Up Nativity Craft, Baby Jesus Scissor Cutting Practice
December 9- Santa Claus
Language Arts- Twas The Night Before Christmas
Math- Santa Shapes
Science/Cooking- Make Santa Hats
Gross Motor/Music- Sing "Santa Claus is coming to Town"
Art/Fine Motor- Santa Hand
December 10- Reindeer
Language Arts- Rudolph, Rudolph! (use flannel board pieces)
Math-Craft Stick Reindeer what shape did we make?
Science/Cooking- Make Reindeer Dust
Gross Motor/Music- Sing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"
Art/Fine Motor- Reindeer Craft,
December 11- Stockings
Language Arts- Christmas Stocking Poem
Math- Lacing card, sewing stocking
Science/Cooking- Eat an orange, talk about how oranges are often times put in stockings
Gross Motor/Music- Sing "Christmas Stocking"
Art/Fine Motor- Cotton Ball Stocking

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LearningTreasures said...

How fun to see a post to my site Cooking with Kids

You have a wonderful blog! I will be looking around and sending my daughter-in-law here for fun ideas to do with my grandson.

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