Sunday, October 11, 2009

Preschool Activities October 12-16

October 12- Letter "M"
Language ArtsRead "Ten Hungry Monsters"
MathCount the monsters in the book (see L.A.)
Science/CookingMake Crescent Mummy Dogs
Music/Gross MotorDance to "The Monster Mash"
Art/Fine MotorMummy toilet paper roll craft
Oct. 14- Black
Language ArtsBlack Cat Poem
MathCount black dots, I will make on paper
Science/CookingHow do we get black?
Music/Gross MotorBlack movement fun
Art/Fine MotorPipe cleaner spider- use black pipe cleaner
Oct. 15- Rectangle
Language ArtsTalk about rectangles and what makes a rectangle
MathRectangle Puzzle
Science/CookingRectangle Walk
Music/Gross Motor"Do you know the Rectangle?"
Art/Fine MotorRectangle Mural
Oct. 16- Bats
Language ArtsRead "Stellaluna"
MathBat Opposites
Science/CookingBat Life Cycle book
Music/Gross MotorBat Moves
Art/Fine MotorBat Handprint

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