Friday, September 11, 2009

September 14-18 Preschool Activities

Sept. 14- Letter "H"
Language letter H
MathGo on a walk and count how many houses we pass
Science/CookingFind our heartbeat
Music/Gross MotorHop around the room
Art/Fine MotorMake handprints
Sept. 15- Horses
Language ArtsWatch "Brown Bear Brown Bear" (a horse is mentioned)
MathCount how many fences we trace (from art)
Science/CookingTalk about where horses live and what they eat
Music/Gross MotorPretend to be horses
Art/Fine MotorHorse Tracing
Sept. 16- Quilts
Language ArtsWord Quilt Collage
MathTalk about shapes that can be found on quilts we find around the house
Science/CookingPlay I Spy with our I Spy Quilt
Music/Gross MotorFind different ways to use a quilt (sit on, wrap up in, and so forth)
Art/Fine MotorFelt Quilt
Sept. 18- Apples
Language ArtsTell story of Johnny Appleseed
MathCut up an apple and count the seeds inside
Science/CookingHow do apples grow sequencing cards
Music/Gross MotorSing "Found an Apple"
Art/Fine MotorApple Prints

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