Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Activities for July 27-31

If anyone noticed my neglect to this blog as of late, I apologize. Here's what I've got planned for next week.
July 27- Under the Sea
Language ArtsWatch "Finding Nemo" name all the sea creatures
MathShell Counting
Science/CookingWhy they live where they live
Music/Gross MotorSing "Under the Sea" from Little Mermaid
Art/Fine MotorFinger Paint Sea Creatures
July 28- Fish
Language ArtsRead "Rainbow Fish"
MathPretend fishing, name the color of the fish when it is caught
Science/CookingWave Bottle
Music/Gross MotorSing, "One Little, Two Little Three little Fish…"
Art/Fine MotorPaper Plate Fish

July 29- Crabs
Language Arts"A House For Hermit Crab" by Eric Carle
MathShow picture of crab, count how many legs it has
Science/CookingAfter reading story talk about Hermit Crab's habitat
Music/Gross MotorCrab Walk
Art/Fine MotorPaper Plate Crab
July 31- Whales
Language ArtsTeach some facts about Blue Whales
MathColor Whales
Science/CookingHow long is a Whale
Music/Gross MotorHave You Seen the Big Gray Whale
Art/Fine MotorWhale finger paint

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