Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preschool Activities May 18-22

May 18- Number 3
Language ArtsFlip Story of "The Three Little Pigs"
MathHide "3"s around the house and go on a hunt for them
Science/CookingThree Years Old- explain that he is three years old
Music/Gross MotorSing "Three Blind Mice"
Art/Fine MotorMake a three using beans

May 19- Triangles
Language ArtsPlay "I Spy", naming things that are shaped in a triangle
MathMatching triangles (I'll make using different colors)
Science/CookingMake a triangle snack using triangular Triscuits and cheese shaped in a triangle
Music/Gross Motor"Triangles Triangles"
Art/Fine MotorToothpick Triangles

May 20- Color purple
Language ArtsWatch "Harold and the Purple Crayon"
MathPut items in a bag, pick out the purple ones
Science/CookingMake Purple Cows
Music/Gross MotorSing "Little Purple Pansy"
Art/Fine MotorUse purple kool-aid and water to finger paint on white paper

May 22- Jack Be Nimble Nursery Ryhme
Language ArtsJack Be Nimble with flannel board pictures
MathPut out different numbers of candles and count them
Science/CookingWhat happened to Jack's candle?
Music/Gross MotorPretend to be Jack and jump over our candle from our art section
Art/Fine MotorCandle Craft

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