Friday, April 24, 2009

April 28-May 1 Preschool Activities

Each month I planned on covering some letters from the alphabet, a number, a shape, and a color. April slipped away from me so I'm trying to get all of these things in so I can scatter the ones I have planned for May out a little more.
*Each day that we do a letter we will visit and go over the letter we are discussing. My son absolutely loves this site!
April 28- Letter "V"

Language ArtsFind the letter v in books we have
MathCount how many letters we make on tracing paper
Science/CookingMake a volcano
Music/Gross MotorPretend to be vehicles
Art/Fine MotorTrace the letter V with tracing paper

April 29- Letter "A"
Language ArtsFive Little Apples
MathMatching Apples file folder game
Science/CookingAnts on a Log snack (celery, pb, raisins)
Music/Gross MotorPass The Apple
Art/Fine MotorColoring Page

April 30- Letter "N"
Language ArtsRead "The Nose Book" and "The Napping House"
MathCount all the "n"s we find in the books we read
Science/CookingDiscuss night and naptime and why we need our sleep
Music/Gross Motor"Hickety, Pickety Bumblebee will you say your name for me?" (bee finger puppet flies around and child says name when bee lands on him.
Art/Fine MotorNoodle Necklace

May 1- Number "2"

Language ArtsNoah's Ark- emphasis two animals of each kind went on the ark
MathSock Match Up
Music/Gross MotorShoe Mix Up-each time a pair is found move in a different way to set it aside (march, run, walk)
Art/Fine MotorNumber 2

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