Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hawaiian Day

We had a Hawaiian Day at our house today. Last night I decorated the living room with Hawaiian stuff. I put some along the walls and hung some from the ceiling. Here is a picture to give you an idea of what it looks like. First thing this morning I got the boys dressed in their Hawaiian shirts and told them we were going to pretend to get on a plane and fly to Hawaii. We went in my room (the plane) and they watched Mickey's Hawaiian Holiday. When it was over we came downstairs and I put leis on them that I made last night. We made a <0 0="" 10px;cursor:pointer;="" 10px="" paper fish.We had different kinds of fruit for a morning snack. I even got my son to try some Kiwi.
We made waves in a bottle.I helped my son make a grass skirt using newspaper, pain, yarn, and a stapler. There are many different variations of this project out there. Some have you use pillow, some brown paper bags. The idea is all the same though.
This afternoon we made another lei using an egg carton that we painted yesterday. My son had a great time stringing the straws through the yarn.
For an afternoon snack I made this simple smoothie. My blender is broken so I stuck to something easy. I mashed up a banana, added 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt and milk until it was the consistency I wanted. Easy and my son liked it.
I helped my son make a "fire stick" I don't have any Hawaiian sounding music so I put on Beach Boys for my son to dance to with his fire stick.
Something kind of different (for us at least) was making a volcano. My son got a kid out of that.
For dinner we are having ham. My family isn't big on exotic food so that is Hawaiian as I dare to get. We were going to play in the pool we have too, but the weather did not cooperate with that plan. It was still a fun day though.


Candace E. Salima said...

What a great day you planned. I'll have to share this with my little sister.

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Have a great day,

Shauna said...

Looks like fun :)