Thursday, November 14, 2013

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Preschool Theme

Today we read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and did activities to go with the book.
We are very grateful for books and for cookies in the house!  :)

Visit Mouse Cookie Books for activities surrounding this and all of Laura Numeroff's books.  There are online games or to print off.  This is a fun game that my son and I played a few times.
These are some great sequencing cards to use as you go over what happened in the story.
My son had fun tracing some things from this Lapbook printable pack.
This is a fun sequencing wheel.
A fun math activity is matching the number of chocolate chips with the corresponding number.
Making Learning Fun also has a number of activities to go with this book.

Of course we had to bake cookies ourselves.  My son had a great time looking in the oven as they baked.  
We enjoyed eating a cookie after they cooled off.

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